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When you become a patient at Health Centers, you will find that our patient bill of rights is not merely good sounding words, but a creed that our staff adheres to. It is a commitment that our physicians and healthcare workers make. We are not a clinic of mere rainbows in the sky, that gleams and makes unsubstantial claims. We are a clinic that much like this rainbow, providing hope with deep roots in sound medical research and treatment philosophy. To many patients we are like this tree, standing alone, being the last resort for help, with branches outstretched ready to provide what resources we have to help fight the many diseases that they come here with. Our physicians give it their all, leaving not a stone unturned to finding solutions for complicated medical conditions.

The mission at Health Centers reflects its commitment to patients:
To be people oriented, innovative, quality and service conscious, focusing on all aspects of preventive medicine, innovative diagnostic and treatment methods

Patient Bill of Rights:

  • People have the right to seek new solutions for problems in the care of their health
  • People have the right to be involved in their treatment, to ask questions and receive adequate answers
  • People have the right to be given natural, safe, non-toxic and preventive healthcare options
  • People have the right to a multi-discipline, team approach to medicine and wellness
  • People have the right to physicians who listen, and properly diagnose so treatment leads to solutions.
  • People have the right to create choices in their healthcare

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