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Our Philosophy...

Health Centers of America is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses.   Under the direction of our founder, Dr. Carol Ann Ryser MD, a team of multi-disciplined physicians, nurses and healthcare workers use an integrated approach of medicine to restore health and quality of life. This integrative approach involves a combination of traditional and alternative medicine. Our ultimate goal is the prevention of disease, the promotion of wellness, increase patient functioning and increase their quality of life

Our Focus...

While chronic illness encompasses a multitude of diseases, the physicians at Health Centers of America have chosen to focus primarily on chronic inflammatory diseases such as: Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FMS), and autoimmune diseases.   These diseases by their very nature encompass a multitude of symptoms,are chronic conditions and painfully debilitating.  Those suffering often lose hope due to the reduced quality of life and often become severly depressed.

Our Approach...

Our treatment methods include traditional medicine, extensive diagnostic evaluation, natural and alternative treatments, mental health evaluations and nutritional supplements.  This integrative approach helps our patients reach their optimal health and significantly improves functioning and the quality of life.

Our Commitment...

The mission at Health Centers reflects its commitment to patients:
To be people oriented, innovative, quality and service conscious, focu sing on all aspects of preventive medicine, innovative diagnostic and treatment methods.