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Traveling Abroad

  Take the following for optimal health while traveling abroad:

  •  Transfer Factor Basics               2 tablets - 2 x daily

  •  Mastica                                         2 tablets - 2 x daily

  •  Thymic Pro A (if become sick)  1-2 packs daily

  •  Imodium for diarrhea                   take as directed

  •  Bug repellent if going to area with lots of bugs
     Check with Traveler's health at

  Do not eat any of the following:

  • Raw salads

  • Raw vegetables

  • Unpasturized milk or cheese

  • Uncooked - raw meats, fish or fowl

  • Food from street vendors

  • Un-boiled water

  OK to drink the following:

  • Canned/bottled soda

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Canned/bottled  water