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This part of the website is currently under construction, Additons will be made on a daily basis until completed.

There is an important controversy in the chronic illness field that is important for everyone to understand. The controversy is over the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. You can go to the following webpage for more information: (click here). For a more complete understanding of the controversy, go to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society webpage:

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  • Important Policies regarding phone calls, emails, and prescriptions.

  • Having problems with pain, energy, sleeping? Check out the Magnetico Sleep Pad System. Click on the following:

  • Traveling abroad? Here are some helpful travel hints to help you with your health.

  • A Book for Women, Dr. Ryser has written a chapter in this book

  • Protect your rights to supplements. Click Here

  • The Penality of Leadership

  • Patient Stories

  • One Person's Battle with Lyme Disease (
  • Patient Story - Terre Haute (Click)