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Physician CME Credit Courses

Treating chronically ill patients is not just a job for Dr. Ryser. To be able to bring about healing, the lessening of pain, improvement in the the quality of life and hope for the chronically ill person is the mission of Carol Ann Ryser MD. It is not enough to provide comfort and symptomatic releif of chronic illness, although that is needed. What must be accomplished, as a physician, is doing the best that can be done to solve complex medical chronic conditions. "Never leave a s stone unturned" is applicapble. It is the belief of Dr. Ryser, that a physician must explore all options for diagnoses and treatment. To that end, Dr. Ryser has established CME courses to not only teach what she has learned over a lifetime of medical practice, but to help other physicians learn that they too, can "think outside the box," and be given tools to do so. At the same time, is it critical that the physician who is learning, not only to gain practical knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness but be able to get credit for their study.

To that end, Dr. Ryser has estabilched CME courses, to provide research and clinical expertise in treating the chronically ill. Not all of the courses listed will be available all the time and some are under development.

The courses that are available will be underlined. Simply click on the course that is underlined to go to the requested course of study. Each course is aproximately 1 hour in length and will cost $___________ per course. At the completion of each course you will be directed to fill out a questionnaire and send in. You then will receive in the mail a certificate of study for 1 hour of CME credits.

Many of the courses listed will have special guests, leaders in their respective field of medical expertise. Dr. Ryser will offer her diagnostic and treatment guidelines along with those of special guests.

For more information or to sign up for one of our training modules, please click on your area of interest: Only those modules that are underlined are currently available. IF the course is available, it will be underlined. Simply click on the underlined course and follow the instructions.

Many courses will become available over the coming months. More courses will be added as time permits.

The CME courses are as follows:
  • Review of Chronic Illness
  • History and Physical:Interpreting what the patient tells you
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease
  • Beta Strep and its Signifiance to Chronic Illness
  • Thyroid Dysfunction including Wilson's T3 Thyroid disorder
  • Toxicity, including Heavy Metals
  • Human Growth Hormone (HgH)
  • Coagulation Defect
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Infections
  • IBS and GI Dysfunction
  • The Signifance of the lack of Neurotransmitters in Chronic Illness
  • Hormones and Chronic Illness
  • Pain in the Chronically Ill Patient
  • Sleep issues and Chronic Illness
  • Psychiatric Manifestions of Chronic Illness
  • Nutritional Supplementation and Chronic Illness
  • Lab Testing and Interpretation
  • Spect Scan and Interpretation
  • Wellness Compounding Pharmacy and its Unique Contributioin to the Treatment of Chronic Illness